I'm Wes.

I am 22 years old, I grew up here in the Midwest (Cape Girardeau, Missouri) and have been flying drones for a few years now and what I thought was a fad and a hobby that would quickly fade away (as it does for many others), I quickly proved myself wrong. After literally thousands of photos and hundreds of miles worth of drone flying I am still enjoying more than ever.

In fact, the tech in these drones is only getting better and now that it makes it even more fun than when I initially bought my first DJI drone. I do a LOT in my free-time, I am very impromptu and woke up one morning and decided I was going skydiving for the heck of it. Then a few weeks after that, I took another amazing impromptu trip to Alaska (which I will never forget). I even bartered drone aerials for a free place to stay. My point here? I'm not your average boring nerd of a drone pilot. I want adventure, and offering these services helps me do more in my free time.

By my brand Ago360 you will be getting an experience unlike no other. I truly know what I'm doing, unlike these other "Aerial Photography" companies which consist of an individual who bought a drone a few weeks ago and thinks they're a photographer because they have a "good" camera.

We arent the "Cheapest" around, but in this line of work you get what you pay for. We will work with you to try to fit within your budget however if you're budget is limited we may suggest you go with other aerial photographers.

From grass-roots


Raised right in the Midwest (Southeast Missouri) I have grown up around the grass-roots. I have always enjoyed the people here and their stories. I quickly had a love for all things technology and desired to one day be an entrepreneur and work for myself. I had no desire to work in a factory and be a slave to the system.

I always dabbled in tech when I was in grade school, I once even got grounded and my electronics taken away. But since I don't handle defeat very well I took my box of broken iPhones and assembled it into a working device (much to the demise of my parents).

After graduating High School I knew I didn't necessarily want to go to college, I tried several businesses and they failed. Then one day I decided to buy a drone. My initial intent wasn't to make money, it was just to take some cool photos. (The one above is an example as I risked my precious little drone to take a mediocre image of lighting.)

Here I am a few short years later after tons of learning and still enjoying flying drones . And now I'm ready to offer up my services and help brands like yours stand out from your competitors with some amazing aerials!

Creating powerful imagery

for brands.

Photos are important and vital for any brand. While ground based photographers can indeed make your place of business look great, adding powerful drone aerials will be the icing on the cake. In my opinion you can't have one or the other, you absolutely need both to stand out. Go ahead and shoot us a text so we can discuss your goals and schedule you in as we are getting booked pretty deep into the year!

The Process

01. Connect

Reach out with details about your plan and goals on using our services. Together we will come up with a plan on how to successfully execute this to your desired result.

Share your story

02. Conceptualize

After learning about your goals, we come up with a plan of attack and how to achieve what you're looking for. Taking in consideration such as weather, lighting, etc.

Develop Your Vision

03. Create

After taking in all this info and learning about your goals, we execute. We send up our drone(s) and get the desired shot(s). We then send this over to our editors and send them over as soon as possible so you can distribute the media as soon as possible!

Bring it to life
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